What's Eating You?
Emotional weight can show
up on your body in
physical form.


It's not about the food until
it's about the food.
Logically you know what
you should be doing.


Access your higher source
and be spiritually led
instead of being led
by craving & urges.

STOP Food from Running YOU!

Hello, My name is Rose Black, THE FOOD FREEDOM EXPERT!

  • Do you suffer from Food Cravings that end up sabotaging your weight loss efforts?
  • Do you have several sizes hanging in your closet?
  • Would you like some real solutions so that you never have to diet again?

What is behind the food cravings and urges that are causing you to blow your diet by lunchtime?

How different could your life be, if you could stop those urges and cravings in their tracks?

Above, is my old size 16 skirt, I wore to church every single Sunday, because it was the only thing left in my closet, that fit!

Today, I am a size 6.  It wasn’t my fault that I found myself helpless when sweets or desserts appeared!

AND it’s not your fault either!


Would you like to release yourself from the food bondage once and for all?

Are you ready to break free from the pain and embarrassment of hanging on to excess weight?

It’s time to find out how you can stop dieting and be free so that you too, can keep that weight off for good!

Let’s get your life back and start living!


Rose Black,

The Food Freedom Expert